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DIY home construction projects sound fine - until you’re relaxing Sunday evening and realizing you haven’t picked up the tools in months. Undoubtedly, home addition projects come with added stress - after all, you’re working, spending time with your family, and maintaining a household. A DIY project only adds to the things on your mind. Allow Manix Construction to take care of your home addition.


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If you feel your home would be perfect with just a bit more space -- an additional bathroom, a home office or an additional room for a baby on the way, a home addition is just what you’re looking for. Even a small addition to your home can yield big results.


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A spare bedroom is multi-functional. Whether your kids move home after college while they get their footing and begin to make their way in the real world or your parents age and need somewhere to stay where they’ll receive a little extra care, you’ll be surprised how much use an extra bedroom will get.


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An additional bathroom, too, is a great investment. How much time could your family save every morning if there were just one more bathroom for the kids to get ready before school? A second or third bathroom can be made to your liking, too.. If you have only a stand-up shower, a new bathroom with a big tub could provide space to unwind after a long day. The sky’s limit when it comes to home addition construction!

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