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Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation

The average adult will spend 416 of their days in the bathroom. Is yours worthy of this kind of time? Overtime, bathrooms are subject to a multitude of problems. After all, your bathroom is a high-traffic area that sees a lot of use. Most bathrooms will experience water leaks which will lead to rotting floors and issues with mold. Home renovations or remodeling might be sought out to keep your home structurally sound, but there are other reasons to give your bathroom a makeover.


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Wear and tear isn’t the only reason you might consider a remodel or repair for your bathroom. Increasing functionality of your space is a top priority of many who choose to hire a professional construction company. Manix Construction can help you design a space that is storage space savvy by adding cabinets, shelving or anything else we dream up together. A wide range of bathroom remodels may make your space more useful in a multitude of other ways, too. We can create nearly anything together depending on you and your family’s needs.


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Many homeowners also simply get tired of their bathrooms current look. If your bathroom feels outdated, doesn’t visually please or make you happy anymore, a bathroom renovation is sure to change your outlook. Laying new tiles or adding a few new accessories to your bathroom space will provide the facelift your bathroom needs.


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Safety in your bathroom is vital, especially when you have young kids. Most accidents at home occur in the bathroom, and some of these accidents can be avoided with the addition of a few simple changes. If you’re interested in safety when completing your bathroom renovation or remodel, be sure to talk with Manix Construction on the options best for you.

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